Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency

One good thing about applying for permanent residency in Thailand is its documentary requirements. As opposed to other long-term visas such as the retirement visa, for example, obtaining a residence permit does not demand for a lot of paper work. This translates to a faster overall processing period.


Permanent visa requirements

  •  The Applicant must be a holder of a non-immigrant visa.
  •  In addition, the latter must be able to stay in the Thailand for 3 consecutive years  or
  •  Applicant must possess a work permit that is valid for three years

Applicant must belong under any of the following category:

● Investment – entered a total of 3 to 10 million worth of investment in Thailand
● Holder of a business visa
● Presence in Thailand is characterized by family or humanitarian
● Is an industry or academic expert
● If married to a Thai,  a monthly income of THB 30,000. If single a monthly income of THB 80,000
● Three-year personal tax statements based from the above-mentioned salaries

Visa validity

The concept of “visa validity” does not exist in the permanent visa. Basically, this stems from the fact that residence permits do not expire.

Application fees

When applying for permanent residency in Thailand, be wary of the following charges:

Residence permit application – THB 7,600
Residence permit approval (for single) – THB 191,400
(Must be paid upon the issuance of the residence book)
Residence permit approval (for those married to a Thai) – THB 95,700
(Must be paid upon the issuance of the residence book)

The quota

Thailand has a quota when it comes to the number of foreigners that can be accepted as permanent residents. Only 100 individuals per nationality can obtain become a permanent residency every year.

Application deadline

All applicants are advised to process their papers for at least 2 months before the actual application in December. Results of the application are then released on May. Seeking the assistance of immigration lawyers is highly encouraged for such shall secure all the paperwork needed and would expedite the whole process.


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