Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage registration in Thailand is quite a complicated process. Especially for foreigners.

They will have to start with getting clearance from their embassy that they are free to marry.

This will then need to be translated into Thai and LEGALIZED at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. This usually takes more than 1 day.

Affidavit of Freedom to Marry

Whether you are planning to marry a non-Catholic or Catholic, you must have one important piece of documentation prepared before you can get married in Thailand. Known by many names such as the Single Status Affidavit, a Free-to-marry statement, and a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage, this sworn affidavit confirms that you are single and free to marry.

This document is a formal, sworn statement witnessed by a priest, deacon, pastoral minister, or notary stating that you are single and that any previous marriages were legally ended either through divorce or death. It is usually signed by parents or older relatives who have known you since childhood.

A baptismal certificate is also required for both parties, and must be recently issued by the church of your baptism. The sworn Affidavit of Freedom to Marry and the other required documents are then sent to the embassy in your home country for official approval. Once this is completed the embassy will prepare a letter of marriage and send it to our office for translation and final legalization.

Translation of Affidavit

A legal marriage in Thailand is a formal, legally binding relationship between two people that creates significant, legal consequences. It is important that you evaluate the many factors involved, including your personal situation and the obligations that it will impose upon you, before making a decision to marry.

To get married legally in Thailand the couple has to register their marriage at a local Amphur or Khet (Thai district office). For each foreigner getting married in Thailand they need to bring an Affidavit which is certified by their Embassy.

The affidavit needs to be translated by professional translators and attested by the ministry of foreign affairs. A paid service is available from various translation agencies to get this done for you. It takes a few days for the attestation to be completed. After the attestation is complete you can take it to your Amphur or Khet for registration. The registrar will issue you the official marriage certificate.

Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate is a vital document. It reveals a treasure trove of information from the identities of the couple to their parents and grandparents. It transcends local identity and confers nationwide recognition, making it an important instrument in a variety of bureaucratic undertakings, including visa applications and property transactions.

The marriage paperwork must be translated into Thai and authorised at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then submitted for registration at the District Office called “Amphur” or Khet. Then the married couple will receive a marriage certificate that is internationally recognised and legally binding. This process normally takes between 4 and 5 working days in Bangkok. For this reason we recommend that you allow at least 4 days in Bangkok if possible, especially if your partner has significant assets or is not a citizen of Thailand. This also allows you to enjoy the wonderful attractions in Bangkok. A wedding planner can help speed up the process.

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