Living in Pattaya

Living in Pattaya

Living in Pattaya

Living in Pattaya. If you are looking at Pattaya as your new retirement home then these would be the most common question that we do get at our Pattaya law office. Speak to one of our lawyers in Pattaya for more information. The information on this website is only an indicator. Anyone who has lived in Thailand for a while would know that the rules and laws change on a regular bases. What is valid today might not be next week.

Pattaya attracts diverse people from across the world. Many want to live and retire in Pattaya as it is seen as a party town in Thailand. This might be correct however Pattaya has over the years slowly been changing as the nightlife industry which at one time might have been the backbone of Pattaya has been shifting back to the outreaches of Pattaya. Pattaya has been undergoing a change for the positive as it is being geared more to a family town now trather than the party town.

One of the most common businesses people think of with Pattaya is buying a bar to fund their retirement or to keep them busy. for all the bar oweners that are around, very few of them make money. There is a saying in Pattaya that bars never go under they only change ownership. This is very true as there are at least 5,000 bars competing for a smaller pool of customers. These have been changing as can be seen from property sales being mainly for the Russian market. Resturants in Pattaya are also moving more towards Russians and the usual Western visitor you used to have for the night life is moving more and more towards the Phillipines.

Guesthouses have also mainly got thier customers from the nightlife and as this changes so does the vacancy rates at most of these guesthouses. The change is for the positive as stated, now all you need to do is move with the market. Internet cafes used to be big business in Pattaya 10 years ago however with broadband and wireless becoming cheaper by the day these businesses have also started to see the end of their days.

Speak to our lawyers in Pattaya and they will be able to give you an idea as to what is failing in Pattaya. Of late, say 5 years ago you also had the visa industry jump up. With the constant changes in Thai Immigration rules these have also started seeing their end. Then the US Visa and UK Visa application business also started and much like everything else – those are also starting to see the end of day as more middleclass and upmarket people arrive in Pattaya wanting lawyers and not simply visa agents who known nothing about law but only about filling in forms. Pattaya is changing – but for the positive!

Be part of that change – call us now!

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